We believe that the most important function of a home is to create a unique and intentional culture—one that calls to you when you’re away and welcomes you when you return. A home filled with art and books. A home designed with your lifestyle in mind. Our goal is to help you add something special to your life. There is no one in the world exactly like you, and your own experiences, tastes, and opinions provide their greatest joy when you can share them in a welcoming environment. Whether you are at Anticus or at home, we want you to always feel inspired to discover new things; be it a new book to read, a historical piece of art, or a classic piece of jewelry.

Services We Offer


Art, literature, jewelry, and interior decorating are all key aspects of an evolving family culture. Many pieces, no matter how many thousands of years old, continue to be treasured by each generation. This is especially true when the stories behind the art have been shared, and the value of the work has been discussed within the family. While we believe it is essential to value pieces from our past, we must also continue to evolve our cultures by adding our own changing personalities to the mix. In a lesson learned from many indie bookstores, we strive to always give a sense of discovery when you visit our space, and we work hard to share unique and rare works of art with our community. Truly, this is a place to discover something that enriches your life.

Fine Art


No one artist could ever be the perfect creator for every collector. We are all individuals, and our tastes in art vary greatly. So, how do we select our artists? Anticus selects artists who are dedicated to mastery. Our artists work diligently to understand and expand their knowledge of materials, subject matter, and techniques. But most importantly, our artists create a message that their work carries within it.

At Anticus, we believe that a great work of art is one that takes the pursuit of mastery and combines it with a vulnerability born from a deep desire to connect with others. Our collection is curated with the goal of giving people a variety of experiences from emerging artists as well bona fide masters. Our collection is ever-changing, so there is always something new to be discovered through our doors.



Discussing a variety of books has become one of our favorite aspects of the fine art world. In many ways, we believe books and fine art are two sides of the same coin, and we proudly work to provide a beautiful range of titles for our community. As an indie bookstore, we are prepared to order nearly any book you request. If you have a favorite book, let us know and we will work to add it to our collection for your friends and family to enjoy as well. Also, ask about our Book Club!

In line with our motto “Semper Anticus”, always forward, we bring in many new titles as they emerge. We want to provide important classic literature that is considered key for your collection, as well as beautiful books that are truly little works of art all by themselves.



Jewelry is the aspect of our taste and culture that goes with us when we leave the home. We have had dozens of conversations with likeminded people that were sparked by the jewelry we were wearing. Anticus works with both private and commercial designers to give an eclectic mix of styles, values, and materials that are proven to be noticed and loved, and that definitely stand out. For example, we represent handmade, one-of-a kind pieces made by artists such as Craig Vandeman, Lyn Eckman, and Gina Caruso, along with the internationally recognized brand Uno De 50.



Our design team works with you to not only find an amazing piece of art or a stunning piece of décor, but also help you find the perfect place for it. In addition to hanging and arranging art, we love creating floorplans that help you start to visualize what the space will feel like. There are many interesting tricks of the trade that we use to make your home feel truly one of a kind.

We have also developed relationships with a number of furniture vendors. This allows us to have an artistic approach to decorating your home, as well as to find or commission pieces that can foster conversation and culture in your space. We are as hands on as you would like us to be. We can provide you a simple floorplan with recommendations for a modest fee, or we can oversee everything from beginning to end.

Our History

How our vision came to evolve is a story decades in the making. Phillip Payne came from a family of artists. His father was a true pioneer in the art world, opening the first studio gallery in Arizona and sculpting for the public throughout Phillip’s life. Growing up in a world of art, Phillip created his first fine art piece at the age of 15. This exposed him to the joys of sharing stories through his art, and the amazing sense of connection that comes from that interaction.

One thing many of our friends and collectors have asked is why we chose Anticus as our name, and what it means. Phillip found this word while doing research into an idea he had for one of his sculptures. While reading through Latin phrases, he discovered one used by soldiers who always held the front line in battle. “Semper Anticus,” meaning always forward or always in front, was their motto. We feel that this truly resonates with what we are trying to do for our community.