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Experience the the story behind this beautiful and inspiring bronze sculpture.

Get the insider view on why one artist was moved to create this piece, while you discover the secret behind one of Beethoven’s most moving quotes and enjoy the enriching conversations that will follow. 

Caroline Kwas

Caroline Kwas is a dynamic oil painter who creates unique and visually stunning paintings that have quickly led to her being one of the top selling artists of Anticus Fine Art. Learn more about the artist behind the canvas and be sure to follow her work as she continues her creative journey.

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A great work of art is one that takes the pursuit of mastery and combines it with a vulnerability born from a deep desire to connect with others. Our collection is curated with the goal of giving people a variety of experiences from emerging artists as well bona fide masters.


In line with our motto “Semper Anticus”, always forward, we bring in many new titles as they emerge. We want to provide important classic literature that is considered key for your collection, as well as beautiful books that are truly little works of art all by themselves.


Anticus works with both private and commercial designers to give an eclectic mix of styles, values, and materials that are proven to be noticed and loved, and that definitely stand out.

The Artists Behind Anticus. 

Our artists are chosen for their mastery and passion. From world-renowned sculptors and painters, to young artists exploring cutting-edge techniques and designs, the variety of works at Anticus makes it an amazing place to explore.

Featured Artwork

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Marco Tamburro
Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 4.27.39 PM
John Richardson
dream catcher
Clo Campbell
Troy Collins
Screen Shot 2021-11-23 at 2.12.49 PM
Jason Napier
Caroline Kwas

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