Enhancing Your Everyday Culture

At Anticus, we consider culture something to be enjoyed and experienced, not just considered at a distance in academic terms. Bringing fine art into our family’s homes and offices and adding books to our nightstands enriches us in a way that reminds us of the words written 200 years ago by Romantic poet John Keats: “beauty is truth, truth beauty.” Culture brings both the world’s beauty and truth into our everyday lives.

Whether modern or classic, the paintings and sculptures in the Anticus gallery give us a window into each artist’s individual soul, while giving an opportunity to display our own unique style. From nature scenes and portraits to still lifes and abstracts – or even the whimsical drawings of Dr. Seuss – painting is an art form with endless permutations that can make any space feel special.

Bronze sculptures, too, offer a dazzling variety of forms to choose from – with the commonality of timelessness that comes from an art form that dates back to 2500 B.C. Ranging from bold and colorful to intricate and ornate, bronze art at Anticus includes works by Paige Bradley, Jason Napier, Ken Rowe, Dennis Smith, Scott Streadbeck – and, of course, Anticus gallery owner Phillip Payne and his father Ken Payne.

We’re surrounded by fine art each day in the gallery, yet it never fails to amaze us the stories that can be told through oils, watercolors, pencils, and metals!

Books are equally diverse in how they expand our views on the world. Nonfiction books educate us about ancient concepts and historical events as well as informing about modern trends and skills. Fiction books transport us to other times, other worlds, and other places – making us laugh or cry, giving us an adrenaline rush, and creating enduring images in our heads. Perhaps most important of all, children’s books create a spark in young minds and a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

We invite you to expand your own cultural world as well as your family’s – pay us a visit at our gallery today!