Bronze Sculpture of a cowboy resting and reading a bookThank you for supporting Men’s Bookclub in Scottsdale! Because many of us have never been in a bookclub before we may wonder what to expect from a bookclub for men.


Our setup is pretty simple and we choose one book per month and talk about it! We meet here at Anticus Gallery in Old Town Scottsdale. Since there are no fees and no obligations you can attend the months that fit your schedule best. Then Phillip (The gallery owner) takes input from people at the end of each bookclub meeting to see how to best engage our minds and various interests.


From 6:30 to 7:00 we mingle, chat, and enjoy the new art in the gallery. Promptly at 7:00 the book discussion begins and we discuss a number of prepared questions. This isn’t a quiz or a dry conversation. Since there are no right or wrong answers you are free to express yourself! We welcome you to join us and please check our calendar or contact us here if you would like more information.

The Joys of a Bookclub

Many people have had their love of reading hindered by a life where reading was a chore or task. After that it can be hard to discover the true joy of a good book. However, we believe that in todays modern age reading is a form of self care. And getting to read because the subject interests you multiplies that joy. If you haven’t discovered the pleasures of reading and sharing that with other men check out this article. It’s from one of my favorite sites The Art of Manliness.


Some of the books we have read so far include “Greenlights”, “Socrates Express”, and “The Second Mountain”. This is a Men’s Bookclub that places emphasis on the pleasure of discovering world, adventures, and even our own identities in the words we read. Our discussions are for sharing those discoveries and hearing ¬†different perspectives. Sometimes a viewpoint can even take a book that we didn’t like and turn it into one of our favorite books to have read.


We will see you soon at Men’s Bookclub in Scottsdale! Happy reading!