Dix Baines

“There is nothing more spectacular than to pack into and paint as you are beholding a sunset view… The quest is to capture the spectacle before you. What is most humbling is the endless variety and the sublime effect light has on these wild places.”

Featured Works


Autumn Along East Cimmarron

24 in. x 27 in.
Oil on Panel

October Sunset

24 in. x 36 in.
Oil on Panel

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 – Biography

In describing his current work…while encompassing a range of subjects, many of his paintings fall into a type he refers to as ‘passages of light:’ intense, often late afternoon or early morning scenes of radiance…’It’s those spectacular, brief, golden moments of light that make us stop and wonder,’ he explains. This luminous touch, along with a strong compositional quality and the freshness of his brushwork, is among the distinguishing traits of his art.

“Whether researching sporting life images, landscapes, or places from abroad, painting directly from the subject is essential to capturing the impression of what I see. I am drawn to the things which speak to the senses, the lights and atmosphere of landscapes, the impressions of a moment or place, and the spirit of nature and of people.”