Thinking about Your Philosophy of Gift Giving

It’s the time of year when the scents of pine and cinnamon and sounds of holiday music permeate the air – and gift giving is on everybody’s minds. Just like you, we at Anticus believe in removing (as much as possible) the anxiety that often comes with this process. You can shop much of our inventory right from the website or for the true Anticus experience stop by and explore.

As the clock ticks on gift-giving events, we invite you to you shift your perspective this year. Gifts create commonalities that represent your own uniqueness as well as adding meaning to the recipients’ lives. Here at Anticus you will be exposed to unusual books, board games, unique art, and amazing jewelry for those that you know best. You can also encourage your friends and family to come into the Anticus and make a wish list! If it’s someone who doesn’t live in the area, start by putting yourself in the mindset of what different genres of gifts can convey and the experiences they create in beauty, meaning, and inspiration.

· Paintings and Photography: Paintings and photography can transport you quickly to another place and time, which make them an ideal selection for the travelers and adventurers in your inner circle – or even for those who are simply dreamers.
· Sculptures: Because of their sheer physical presence, sculptures convey timelessness as well as beauty. The deep thinkers in your life can endlessly enjoy these types of pieces, with awe at the craftsmanship that went into them and the beauty that endures.
· Jewelry: Jewelry, of course, serves as an outward expression of taste and culture – and it’s always a conversation starter! Whether understated or designed to stand out, there’s a piece of jewelry that can fit any personality who wants yet another beautiful way to connect with people.
· Books: Giving books provides you a wide range of options in its own right. Book lovers will tell you that they can never have too many, whether classics that can be read over and over, or the mind-expanding experience of new titles and authors.
· Gift Cards: Still agonizing over your choices? Give your friends and family the gift of experiencing your own favorite store for themselves – and the opportunity to pick their own perfect piece.

By narrowing your choices down in this fashion, you’ve created a much easier task for yourself – and because we carefully curate the many diverse pieces in our gallery, you don’t need to go to 10 different places to finish your list. You just might find the right gift leaps right out at you – and if not, talk to our design team in the Anticus store, and we’ll be happy to help guide you!