Waking From A Dream

Have you ever woken from a dream hating that it had to end? Have you ever woke from a dream to find that it wasn’t just a dream and that it was a reality? That is the wonderful experience that Gabi and I are having now. We Love art and we love sharing it with people. The roll that art plays in our lives is an important one and the fact that you are visiting our page shows that you appreciate it as well. Thank you for sharing this journey with us and thank you for your support.

I’m going to wax poetic a little bit here so if its not your cup of tea please keep following the blog and I promise there will be all different types of posts for you to enjoy. But I wanted to expound a little bit here on a saying that I developed about 8 or 9 years ago.


“To create art is to bare your soul in the search for Kindred Spirits.”

I’ve simplified it a little bit, as those of you who have heard me say it before might notice, and I’m trying to boil it down to its essence. The truth is that artists are often considered sensitive, emotional, passionate, eccentric, and even a little bit odd by much of the population. And I’ll be the first to say it is kind of true. We can be an… interesting bunch. : ) But I say this with all the love in the world for my fellow artists. In truth, imagine taking your deepest secrets, the good and the not-so-good, and putting them on display for the world to see. Can you feel the fear? Can you picture yourself waiting to see how people respond to the news? That is what true art is to me because when we create from the heart you can’t hide who you are.

Now there is a lot involved in developing your skill, talent, and personal style. But in the end you are simply getting more practiced at showing yourself to the world. Some people look for inspiration in other artists work or they try to figure out what is selling and allow that to dictate their direction. But the true artist observes the world, the people, the history and he develops his talent so as to be able to share his perspective with others. I’ve heard of people who can copy other peoples art with some skill and for some that is an effective way to learn and indeed that is what many classes in school will have you do. But in todays world copying can be done much more accurately by technology.

Now more than ever it is the job of the artist to search his soul and create from the heart. To look at the world around us and find the beauty and to champion a better life and world. This is not everyone’s definition of art but this is the spirit behind Desert Mountain Fine Art. We have selected our artists not only for their skill and their passion but because we are interested in people who have a goal and a dream. I’m so excited to share with you the works we currently have and I hope that you will take the time to see our website and even better to come into the gallery and see the works in person. Come hear the stories behind the artist and behind their art.

Charles Thomas Demonstrating oil painting.

Like good food and good drinks we hope that you will use our gallery to find what kind of art fits your pallet. And then to allow that art to take its rightful place in your family culture.

Have you ever watched a teenager scarf down an amazing meal without ever stopping to taste it? Probably you were that person at some point. And that may be among the reasons why many parents focus more on nutrition for their growing children. Anything to get them to eat those Veggies. lol

The art of cooking, the art of shaving, the art of life. Art is what things become when we place a piece of our soul inside what we create or what we do. And ART is what makes a life beautiful, meaningful, and memorable. And sharing that art with each-other and surrounding ourselves and our families with the life long pursuits of passionate people is why Gabi and I have opened our gallery and why we hope all in the community will visit and enrich their day, or week, or month soaking in the beauty that our artists work so hard to create.

Come to the gallery and find your kindred spirt, share a vision, and live well.

Phillip Payne